Much Rewards

With the PokerShibes rewards program, all players earn Moon Points for playing at any raked ring game or tournament table! Moon points can be spent on a variety of goods, from instant credits to your poker account and upgrades to your site experience to private tables and PokerShibes-themed gifts.

Your level is determined by the amount of Rocket Fuel you've generated in the last rolling 30-day period. Each Ð40 you contribute in rake generates 1 Rocket Fuel. As you advance through the rewards levels, you unlock additional items for purchase and your rate of Moon Point generation increases dramatically!

The higher your level, the faster you earn Moon Points! Higher reward levels also mean access to progressively larger freerolls.

New Players are automatically given Puppy level privileges for a limited time! To remain eligible for Puppy freerolls you must play raked tables.

Level30-day rocket fuel neededMoon points earned per Rocket Fuel
Puppy 1 1
Shibelet 125 1.1
Shibe 250 1.2
SpaceShibe Recruit 500 1.5
SpaceShibe Cadet 1,500 1.7
SpaceShibe Petty Officer 2,500 2
SpaceShibe Ensign 5,000 2.2
SpaceShibe Lieutenant 10,000 2.7
SpaceShibe Commander 30,000 3
SpaceShibe Captain 60,000 3.5
Astrodoge Admiral 100,000 4.5

Such Deposit Bonuses

Your first deposit will automatically be credited with the First Deposit Bonus Match of 200%, up to deposits of Ð1m - a Ð1m deposit will be eligible for a maximum bonus of Ð2,000,000.

Only the first deposit you make will be eligible for this bonus, although we do run regular reload bonuses as well.

The bonus will release in Ð10k increments, based on the amount of raked play on the site. The clearance rate is front loaded to make it easier for small depositors to clear, while still having an overall clearance rate significantly faster than comparable bonus programs found on other sites.

The first Ð200k of the bonus will clear at a rate of Ð10k every 500 RF generated.

The second Ð200k of the bonus will clear at a rate of Ð10k every 625 RF generated.

All remaining bonus, up to a maximum of Ð1.6m, will clear at a rate of Ð10k every 833.33 RF generated.

When you have an active bonus, any withdrawal from your account will cancel the rest of the uncleared deposit bonus.

You have 60 days from the date of your first deposit to finish clearing your bonus.

If you have any additional questions about the Deposit Bonus program, please contact and we'll address your concerns!